Why Choose Military School for Your Teen


There are many reasons a teen may choose a military school instead of a traditional private school. A common misconception is that all military school’s are “like boot camp” and that is far from the truth. Ask yourself: Does your teen thrive in a structured environment? Is it important that they are involved and belong to something bigger than themselves? Are they interested in serving their country? 

Five reasons to choose military school

Top Five Reasons:

1. Strong Core Values.

Students at military schools are held accountable to live out the school’s core values. At Admiral Farragut Academy those core values are: integrity (being of strong moral character), self-discipline (making good choices), perseverance (accomplishing one’s goals), and wellness and fitness (to achieve their full potential).

2. Structure and Purpose.

A private military school provides the structure necessary for students to learn discipline, respect, and time management skills. Students are also challenged and expected to create goals, reach those goals, and ultimately discover their purpose.

3. Pride and Respect.

Teens are expected to wear their military uniform with pride and respect. On a daily basis, they must be clean cut with their uniform pressed and shoes shined. It teaches them to take pride in how they appear and as the saying goes, “when you look sharp, you feel sharp.”

4. Leaders and Role Models.

Military school students, known as cadets, are required to actively lead their peers and be role models to the younger students. Some PreK-12 private schools are military only in 8th-12th grade, and, starting in PreK, the younger students look up to the older students and are excited to reach the time when they too can wear the uniform and lead.

5. Nominations, Appointments, and Scholarships.

Admiral Farragut Academy is an honor naval school, which means the Naval Science Department is allowed to give out 6 nominations to the U.S. Naval Academy, 5 to the U.S. Air Force Academy, and 3 to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. This is an outstanding advantage for those students interested in pursuing a military career or wanting to receive full-tuition ROTC scholarships in college.

Is Military Right for Your Teen?

A military school is a place where teens find success because the approach to leadership transforms, inspires, and empowers young people to create a positive change in their school and communities.

Is your teen up for the challenge? Do you want your child growing up in an environment that asks them to live on purpose, with purpose?

If the answer is yes, a private school with a high school military structure would likely be the perfect fit.

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